Colour headshot image of author Felicity Hayes-McCoy
Felicity Hayes-McCoy Lo-Res. Photo Credit: Paul Sherwood
Black and white headshot of author Felicity Hayes-McCoy. Photo credit: Paul Sherwood.
Felicity Hayes-McCoy. Lo-Res B+W. Photo Credit: Paul Sherwood

Felicity Hayes-McCoy is the author of the USA Today bestselling Finfarran series of novels, which feature a local librarian and are set in a fictional county in Ireland. They have been translated into seven languages and are available in hardback, paperback, ebook and audiobook. The Keepsake Quilters, a stand-alone novel set in London and Wicklow, was published in October 2022. It will be followed in 2024 by the next Finfarran novel.

Born and educated in Dublin, she built a successful London-based career, as an actor and voice-artist, and as a scriptwriter in theatre, music theatre, radio, TV, and digital media. Her critically-acclaimed first memoir The House on an Irish Hillside, published in 2012, continues to be read worldwide. A sequel Enough Is Plenty: The Year on the Dingle Peninsula, illustrated with her own photos, was followed by a second memoir, A Woven Silence: Memory, History and Remembrance.

With her husband Wilf Judd, she divides her life and work between Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula and inner-city London. Dingle and its Hinterland: People, Places and Heritage, which they co-wrote, is a guide to the setting of her first memoir.

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